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Typical programs


Here at Boot Camp we have a selection of courses for you to choose from running to a short weekend The schedules are tailored to your current fitness level and your individual needs.

Little Ninjas

Teaches martial arts techniques at a pace appropriate for younger ages, uses fun activities and positive reinforcement to help your child learn skills necessary. Foster the self-confidence, self-discipline, builds physical strength and agility, and mental confidence. Kicks, Blocks and Punches give sensory experiences that strengthen learning skills and coordination.

Self Defense Teenge

Safe, filled with different ways to learn to adapt to in many situations, challenges filled with adrenaline. Trainers have experience over many techniques that will overwhelm your child with many new ways to defend themselves. Learn to fight to defeat, Break away techniques and Personal alarms are a way to practice passive self-defense. We can teach every child efficiently and effectively, a fun and joyful environment. With trainers who are experienced working with children and will surely be of very kind service.

Junior Kick Boxing

Obesity rates are increasing in the USA and more people are going for weight loss surgery than ever before.