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We provide and support opportunities that make sports accessible to children and proactively promote their physical, educational, social and character-building elements.



Martial Arts

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School Age

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Birthday Parties

Welcome To Little Ninja

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Preschool to 12 years old 1-3 hour classes | One day, one week or custom programs

Lots of summer and holiday programs depend on JumpBunch to add structured sports and fitness programs to their curriculum. Whether it’s a formal Camp preschool or daycare with summer or holiday programs, JumpBunch offers tailored Camp Programs that can range from a one-day special event to one week or a full summer curriculum.

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Fitness Games

if you’re looking for some fun and easy physical activities for kids, click here. Some of these are appropriate for inside, others are better for outside!

Quiet Time Activities

Here are a few activities that are perfect when it’s time to settle down, but they still encourage healthy sports and fitness habits!

Seasonal & Outdoor Activities

No matter what the weather is outside, we’ve got lots of fun ideas for staying active and enjoying the great outdoors.